About Us

picnic by design

Picnic By Design is the answer to your Instagram dreams of executing a perfectly curated event that is buzzworthy and highly customized towards your vision. If you are short on vision but full of desire to work with us, we have got you covered. Every aspect of your picnic is carefully planned and executed with quality tables-capes, sophistication and unique flare. There are a variety of options which include custom handmade oak tables, our eye-catching colours and unique chairs. Your picnic will always be one-of-a- kind and specific to your desires. Picnic By Design has experience creating the perfect event for any occasion; from a romantic date night, proposal, birthdays for kids, bachelorettes or even a simple brunch! The possibilities are endless!

We set your picnic up at your desired location (e.g. your favourite park, a step out to your own backyard or even in the comfort of your own home). We bring the set-up and organize everything on your behalf. All you need to do is show up and enjoy your exclusive picnic experience. We thrive to make sure that you will have an unforgettable time; something that you will talk about for years to come!!!!! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and custom picnic designs for our clients.

We value our beautiful planet. As a company, we limit the use of plastic waste and aim to use reusable material as much as possible. Our goal is to avoid the use of single use packaging when working with food products, by incorporating more disposable materials throughout our picnic set-ups. All waste is properly disposed following an event. Customers are also encouraged to responsibly clean up after themselves during the duration of a scheduled event. We are major advocates of protecting Mother Nature. After all, without our beautiful land, we wouldn’t have such wonderful picnic experiences.